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Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our growing AAU program.  We have multiple teams in Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz, Salinas, Aptos and Hollister, CA.

Q: Can my son or daughter tryout at any other tryout location if we have a prior engagement set for the local tryout date?
YES! You may sign-up for any 1 of our 5 different tryout locations in February and be evaluated for team placement in the location of your choice.  Let the staff know the day of tryouts at "Check-In" which location you are trying out for.

Q: How many players field a team?
10 players.  We prefer this because of tournaments, our fast pace where we sub players often, and having ample to practice 5 on 5 during workouts.

Q: What are "LEGACY" teams?
These are ALL-STAR teams made up of select players from different chapters of The JONES Club who combine into one team for a tournament.  For example: Top players from Salinas, Santa Cruz and Carmel may make up a "LEGACY" team that competes at the upper division at a tournament. 

Q: Do we have to pay the full season tuition cost up front?
Yes, however in rare cases for families that are in critical need we provide a monthly payment plan option.

Q: My son or daughter has a buddy who wants to play with us really bad, but can't afford the cost.  Are there adjusted rates or scholarships?
Based on the financial needs and household living situation, the LIVE LIKE GENO FOUNDATION will assist however we can so that every kid regardless of hardship has the opportunity to participate in the AAU experience with us!

Q: Where do you travel? Do teams stay overnight?
For the majority of our teams, they will participate in 7 total tournaments from April through May 25th.  We travel to San Francisco, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Chico, Lake Tahoe, San Jose,  Oakland and/or Salinas.

Q: How does transportation of the players work?
Families coordinate through our community contact app: SPORTSENGINE for carpooling and other travel accommodations.  *Please note: Coaches are not permitted to transport players at any time.

Q: For overnight trips, do teams stay together?
What's cool about AAU is the bonding experience shared during hotel stays and team activities outside of games!  We will coordinate deals with local hotels to try our best to keep costs LOWEST!

Q: When will we find out if we made the team?
Within 48 hours of the tryout you will be contacted with a decision.

Q: What days are practices?
Until we determine teams we don't know the facilities we need to secure.  Once teams are identified we will secure our gyms and inform you of a consistent schedule.  We will go Two days a week, staggered in some way so as to keep a healthy rhythm in going to the gym.  For example: Monday & Wednesday - Tuesday & Thursday or Wednesday & Friday.  It will depend on location and gym availability. 

Q: Where are practices held?
Practices will primarily be held in one location in your area for the entire 13 weeks of the program.  There will be a few dates where the school may have a conflicting event.  During those dates we utilize an alternative facility to keep our practice schedule. You will be informed well in advance of this site location temporary change.

Q: My son or daughter is playing other sports at the same time.  Will this conflict with the Jones AAU program?
The simple answer is yes.  Experience has shown that the commitment to clubs and programs outside of The JONES will have an impact on the player and the team.  We all depend on one another's contribution to our game plans, offensive plays and defensive schemes.  If dates of other practices and/or tournaments fall on the same days as our practices and tournaments, it simply won't work.  But, if the conflict is minimal, and you are transparent about when he or she will miss, then as a staff we are equipped to make adjustments to accommodate you.  However, there will be no adjustment in program cost for predetermined missed events due to outside conflicts.

Summer Camp Questions

Q: What does a beginning player get out of Basketball Jones Hoop Camps? 
A: What is great about a 40 hour week, is how much you can learn about the game of basketball during that span. With 10 5-on-5 games, along with over 100 drills on all facets of the game a camper will be ready to play in a league the following winter. By the end of the week a beginner will have a solid understanding of how the game should be played. A camper will learn how to play proper defense (more man-to-man), learn the transition game, hone his shooting, passing and dribbling mechanics, and at the same time see why all the basic fundamentals are so important in the game. Campers will be getting the proper tutelage, from the start you will have good habits. 
Q: What does an advanced player get out of Basketball Jones Hoop Camps? 
A: First and foremost some of the top teachers of the game will be your clinicians. Whether it is team concepts or individual moves campers get to learn from doing the most successful drills on the market. This is a business and we take great pride in bringing our kids the most fun, best paint the picture, and greatest result drills to their city. Within our individual skills and drills breakdown stations we ensure that all skill levels get the best training. We do that by breaking the camp into levels. The more experienced players train together, the less experienced players train together.
Q: What separates Basketball Jones from other camps? 
A: We have been doing this long enough that our schedule is time tested. There is no trial and error. In addition, to the basketball side of the camp we also understand that it is summer camp. It is the signature things that Basketball Jones Hoop Camps does that separates us. We have Name that Tune, Dance party USA, toilet bowl coaching skit for our new coaches, the X-box video game tourney, Water Bottle dribble tag, and of course music is a must at Basketball Jones Hoop Camps. We strive on making our camp atmosphere the most upbeat of any Basketball Camp in Northern California.
Q: Where are your Summer camps held? 
A: We conduct our co-ed day camps throughout Northern California, from Eureka to Monterey, and many points in between.
Q: What do I get if I attend Basketball Jones Hoop Camp? 
A: Each camper receives 40 hours of quality instruction, a camp t-shirt, a basketball, and a water bottle. In addition, we award medals, trophies, and daily prizes.
Q: What will I learn at your camp?
A: We teach all aspects of the game, focusing on the fundamentals: defense, dribbling, passing, and shooting. We work on individual as well as team skills.
Q: Do I need to know how to play basketball to attend?
A: No. It helps, but it's not necessary. We've taught many beginners to play hoops, and we've helped many experienced players improve.
Q: How old do I have to be?
A: You must be between 7 and 15 years old to attend.
Q: What should I bring?
A: You should wear shorts, a t-shirt, and comfortable basketball shoes. You can bring a lunch or you can buy lunch at our Snack Shack for about $5 - $7.
Q: How much does the camp cost?
A: The cost is $275 per camper for the whole week, which includes instruction, a camp t-shirt, a Basketball Jones ball, an Instructional DVD, and a water bottle. If you register before  May 16th, you save $20. We also offer multi-sibling and multi-camp discounts.
Q: Why is the price so low compared to other camps?
A: We want all young ball players to have the chance to improve their skills and increase their love for the game. We keep our prices low to make the camps affordable for everyone.
Q: Who are your coaches? 
A: The vast majority of our coaches are current and former college basketball players. We select our coaches based on their passion for the game and their ability to connect with and instruct young ball players. 
Q: Do all campers compete against each other, regardless of age? 
A: No. We divide our camps into either two or three age groups, depending on the size of the camp. We then use the age, height, and level of experience of each individual player to put together teams that are balanced; this ensures fair competition, diversity, and fun.